RIMAAS: Reduction of the impact on water bodies due to sanitation reliefs

Empresa Metropolitana de Abastecimiento y Saneamiento de Aguas de Sevilla, S.A. (EMASESA, in English Metropolitan Water Supply and Sanitation Company of Seville) carried out a market consultation as part of

this innovation procurement process.
The process is part of EMASESA’s need to reduce the high levels of solid waste dumped into the network, as well as the impact that its presence causes on the sanitation and purification system.
EMASESA needs a new waste treatment system that surpasses the

benefits of those currently on the market and must be accompanied by an information and environmental awareness campaign with high social impact. Thus, the projects will have the purpose of measuring, monitoring, automation, social awareness and reducing the impact that the presence of solid and floating waste, such as hygiene wipes, among others, causes in the sanitation network and, finally, in the purification process and in the environment, especially during the first episodes of rain, after a prolonged dry period, during which sediment pollutant matter has accumulated, the strong flows caused by rainfall suddenly enter into circulation.

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