GT 1.2 Analysis of opportunities in RIS3 and synergies between regions

GT 1.2 Analysis of opportunities in RIS3 and synergies between regions

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Task GT1.2 has the main goal of analysing the opportunities in RIS3 and identify synergies between regions. This was achieved through meetings with stakeholders previously identified in GT 1.1. 

This document describes the approach taken to involve the relevant stakeholders, namely through meetings with institutions directly involved in RIS3 implementation and regional actors. The information collected in the meetings was analysed in order to identify local opportunities within the water sector that can be expanded and reinforced by the Living Labs. Other synergies with TWIST project were identified and also the common opportunities and synergies that can be established between regions.

The identified interregional synergies revealed a strong relation between Portugal, Spain and France laying in three principal aspects: Portugal is the country who needs to grow and develop their raw opportunities. Spain, alongside with France, has the proven experience on these sectors and the precious know-how from past experiences. France, on the other hand, has the leading technology. Between the three countries it is imperative to build a common learning network to develop the water sector, the water sector economy and to ensure a sustainable and green future.


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Contact person: Ana Galvão