Responsible Living Lab: OWL2
Type of offer: Product
Partners involved: FLUENCE Water Products & Innovation; CENTA

The ASPIRAL S1 unit is part of the range of compact solutions developed by Fluence. It is a range of treatment systems installed in standardized 20 and 40 foot containers, requiring very little civil works.

The heart of this treatment system is MABR (Membrane Aerated Biological Reactor) technology, which is based on passive aeration, that is, the diffusion of oxygen through membranes using a low pressure aeration flow.

The MABR technology pursues biological nitrification and denitrification simultaneously in the same space. The biofilm, in contact with air at low pressure, nitrifies the residual water while the biomass in suspension causes its denitrification.

ASPIRAL S1 is capable of treating up to 50 m3 of wastewater per day.

Keywords: passive aeration, urban wastewater treatment, sustainable, nitrification, denitrification, innovative water solutions

Contact person: Pilar Flores Sáenz

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